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Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.   
09:45pm 20/07/2004
mood: demanding
Also, let the record state clearly that i am not a US Army Deserter (like Chuck Jenkins) nor am i an Atomic Playboy (like President Nixon). I am, however, like both of those men, in dire need of a decent cape.

Cape me, human slave children! I require it!!
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11:49am 30/10/2003
  mistress is so good to me. sometimes i wonder if she only loves me because i am very very soft, but i know she really adores me even if i am a defect. she always says such nice things about me, too! she is the best mistress a soft kitty could want.  
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on torture of still life   
11:20pm 23/03/2003
  mistress has the plague, and keeps trying to hold on to me for comfort. heh, its a great game staying *just* out of reach. as if. WHATEVER LADY.

licking her head is good though, that really annoys her, and she is too weak to do anything about it.

and i thought living, active people were fun to torture.
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03:27pm 19/11/2002
  i am defect!
i am a kitty!

i need a cape!

once again, i am really soft. it comes from hunting down and eating little boys.
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10:46am 09/08/2002
mood: Vengeful
i am neutered.

mistress is trying to break me of KittyKrack and make me eat dry food.

i sense the need for some major destruction.
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10:27am 19/07/2002
mood: predatory
this weekend was interesting. my mistress had my old stay-at-home-boy over for the weekend. i guess he lives somewhere far away like california now. anyway, he still is good for taking naps on, and i guess that is all you can really say for humans.

my home is a wreck though. i tried to help by knocking over and breaking a total of 5 glasses! but i dont think mistress was impressed with my skills. snort.

i really need to chase some crows. i have been watching them from my window. as soon as i get out of confinement, they will all die a horrible squawking death. oh yes. merrow.

in closing, i am really really soft.
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03:42pm 19/06/2002
  i am one unhappy kitty lately.

my girl is never home. and when she is, she is asleep or reading. i keep trying to clean her, but she doesnt seem to like it. she never plays with me anymore.

i want to go outside, but she has me trapped in this apartment.

i meow in my saddest tones at the door when she closes it behind her to go to work, but she doesnt come back.
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02:35pm 16/05/2002
  my girl brought home people for me to play with! they were really dirty so i tried to clean them up as much as possible, and i was up all night trying to annoy, i mean play with them. for some reason they kept passing out. silly people!

maybe this weekend i can meet my dream kitty, miss ninja elvis. molko doesnt stand a chance against a bad boy like me.

i need a leather jacket. and a cigarette. and an earring.
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just to show you, i can be good.   
04:00pm 14/05/2002
  i can be good, see? this is me being good. yep. being good. uh oh....some bad thought creeping in...but i am still good! i will sit here and be good and only contemplate evil.....uh oh, i just have to do ONE bad thing. nothing too big, then i will go back to being good. oh no! too fun being bad!! i am running amok and being evil!!! YAYAYAYAY for evil!! i am satan's assistant!! wait!!! i am SATAN HIMSELF.  
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02:40pm 30/04/2002
  last night i was 'power-brushed'.

i hated it.

i think.
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11:48am 29/04/2002
  i moved into my new place this weekend. i thought my silly human girl would forget me so i kept trying to pack myself into every box she moved.

at the new place i thought i saw another cat that looks just like me! i kept jumping around and trying to sniff it, but we kept bonking heads. it kept jumping around too. *bonk* *bonk* i dont get it. hmm.

i also took my girl on a walk yesterday. i have to put a leash on her, or she cant keep up with me. i dont want her to get lost, she feeds me. anyway, we ran into a woman that tried to pet me, 'i have never seen a spotted cat before!' hey lady, i have never seen anyone wear glitter jogging pants.
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02:00pm 17/04/2002
  seriously. one day i just need to buckle down and learn to meow. *squeak* *burrrrrrr*  
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12:03pm 14/04/2002
  today i think i will devote my energies to annoying nate. lets see. i already took an extensive nap on his computer, hopefully clogging his fans with my fur, and now i am planning a crafty stalking campaign to take off some of his fingers.

pathetic human.
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05:58pm 13/04/2002
  i am going to take a nap. but as soon as i wake up, chaos and destruction will ensue.

i like to think of naps as 'recharging'...
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